What not to say to someone with a chronic illness.

Today at work I got a glimpse of what the rest of my life will be as I fight for respect while having a serious chronic illness. My boss was discriminative and decided that I couldn’t work as hard as other people just because I’m sick.

That couldn’t be more untrue. I work harder than most of the people at my work to try and make up for the fact that people don’t believe that I am not capable of doing everything that anybody else can do.  I fought for 5 months through a blood clot and a picc line for some respect that I never ended up getting. That led me to a drastic decision.

I ended up quitting. It was more for my mental health but I knew that if I wasn’t about to get the respect that I deserved, I had no reason to be fighting a battle that I knew that I would never win. I also decided to talk to my former boss’s boss. (Can that be more confusing?) I’ve known him for 13 years and he knows that I’m a hard worker and that I knew that I needed to stand up for others who are in a similar situation as me. Anyone else who decided to work where I did has the right to know that they don’t treat people equally. I want to prevent others from being hurt as much as I have.

This has given me experience that I wouldn’t have gotten if I wasn’t in this situation myself. I understand now how to fight for myself and to try and keep myself from being hurt as much as possible. Although you won’t be able to prevent all bad experiences, you should be able to learn something from them

Thanks for reading.